Get Involved

There are a number of great ways to get more involved in the Williamson County Libertarian Party.  If you are new to politics or to the party, come and meet us first.  Then find a way to volunteer that fits your personality.

1. Attend our monthly meetings and/or social events.  Follow us at to see our event schedule.

2. Follow Bo Zimmerman, Robert Butler, or the Williamson County Libertarian Group on Facebook.

3. Use your social networks to spread the word about us.  Share interesting articles from our website with your friends.

4. Volunteer to be a Precinct Chair for your local neighborhood Voting Precinct.

5. Volunteer to go block-walking.  Educate people about the party and our principles.

6. Volunteer to help maintain our website, post interesting articles about Williamson County politics.  We are actively seeking volunteers to write blog posts about city council, school board, and county commission meetings.  Just pick one and start going!

7. Volunteer at an Outreach booth.

8. Join the state party, and the national party.  By becoming a paid member, you help build our party.  And at the National level, we get more delegates to the national convention based on our national membership numbers.

9. Contribute financially to the county party.  Help us grow a strong Williamson County Party.

10.  Volunteer to help a candidate or become a candidate yourself.  Local Libertarian Robert Butler is an expert on Libertarian campaigns and can help you be a better volunteer or candidate.  He wrote 18 Steps to Win a Local Election.