Europe: August 2017 Update


European Students For Liberty

ESFL Startup Camp – Lviv, Ukraine

ESFL Startup Camp took place on August 17th – 21st, 2017 and brought together most forward thinking students and speakers from 6 different countries who learned, debated, and innovated around such topics as libertarian values, individual freedoms, free market, blockchain, cryptoworld, transhumanism, and cybersecurity. The camp provided a welcoming environment for students and young entrepreneurs interested in most innovative technologies that would help them advance their ideas and make our society a freer place to live.

ESFL Top 100 Retreat – Gummersbach, Germany

A unique event was held for the second consecutive year in Gummersbach: the European Students for Liberty Top 100 retreat. For four days, in a little town in western Germany, freedom fighters from more than 20 countries across Europe came together to discuss the future of the movement. Those who had never been there before felt as if reality had slowed down and they could experience that feeling of seeing something for the first time, which progressively went away after making new friends and meeting old ones.

Read more about the retreat here.

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LibertyCon 2018 – Belgrade, Serbia

ESFL recently announced the 2018 LibertyCon date! After two phenomenal years in Prague, our seventh continent-wide conference is now moving to a new location! #LibertyCon18, the major European gathering of open-minded students, will be held in Belgrade, Serbia on April 13-15, 2018. #ExpressYourself

Vilnius, Lithuania – Cannabis Legalization Mural

August 15 is the day Lithuanians traditionally celebrate a bountiful harvest. The national holiday is known as “Žolinė” – literally, “Grass Day.” A group of Vilnius street artists decided it would be the perfect day to use their talents to advocate for cannabis legalization.

Their mural was unveiled in the self-proclaimed autonomous district of artists and anarchists known as Užupis to the applause of hundreds of local residents. The mural reinterprets the famous French painting “Liberty Leading the People”, showing people following Liberty in a fight for the right to cannabis.

See some of the mural art here.