Anaheim Cops Shoot Rubber Bullets, Unleash Dog on Crowd Protesting Police Shooting

When mostly Latino residents in
an Anaheim, California neighborhood gathered to protest a police
shooting, the cops responded by…shooting rubber bullets and
siccing a police dog on a mother holding an infant child.

Below is a report from local TV station KCAL, which incorporates
amateur video gathered on the spot. The result is a trenchant
reminder of the distributed nature of surveillance in today’s
world. Reason has been covering this power shift extensively
this video
about the killing of homeless man Kelly Thomas by
Fullerton, California police and the way citizens sparked an
investigation). It’s obviously a good thing that law enforcement at
all levels is being held more accountable for its behavior but I
also sometimes wonder about the irony that former Reason staffer
Radley Balko (of The Agitator
and Huffington Post)
noted in this 2011
: Police are almost certainly more respectful of civil
liberties than they were 50 years ago. What’s changed is that
regular people are more empowered to capture and circulate bad
actions by the cops.

Having noted that, this is some messed-up video below.

Hat tip:
Ted Balaker