District Clerk Warns of Jury Scam

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2/16/2017 8:49 AM 

The Williamson County District Clerk’s Office wants to warn residents in Williamson and surrounding counties about a phone scam that was reported to that office.  People have been receiving calls from someone who claims to be a county official or law enforcement officer telling the victim that he or she has failed to appear for jury duty and is threatening arrest by failure to appear.

The caller instructs the person to pay a certain amount of money or they will be arrested. The instructions will be to get a specific amount of cash and load the money on a “Green Dot Card.” Once the victim has the money on the card, they are then instructed to call a number and give the information to the scammer. The scammer can then withdraw the money from the card.

District Clerk Lisa David wants to assure the public that this is not a practice that is used in Williamson County for jurors who do not appear for jury service, and she has not requested that any calls like these be made in her name.  Anyone who wishes to file a report about receiving a scam call should contact the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office at 512-943-1300.

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