Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson on Why He’s The Best Choice Against Trump and Clinton: New at Reason

Well, he says he uses marijuana, and a far higher percentage of Americans use marijuana than vote Libertarian, by more than a factor of ten. That may actually be a selling point. It would be nice if he cared as much about First Amendment rights and freedom of association as he does about the right to use pot.

Johnson has said even Jewish businesses should have to serve Nazis, and judges he appointed voted to force a wedding photographer to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony, which violated the photographer’s free-speech rights, since photography is speech, and the First Amendment forbids compelled speech.

His running mate Bill Weld is also not supportive of free speech, freedom of religion, and free association. Weld ran to the left of John Silber, his 1990 Democratic rival for governor, on political correctness issues (Silber, a university president, opposed campus speech codes and political correctness), and Weld’s appointees to the state judiciary included people who had supported draconian campus speech codes. Weld’s appointees to the MCAD demanded that people be fired by private employers for offensive racial jokes.

Weld supported new regulations and red tape, like the Big Green initiative voters rejected in the early 1990s. Weld backed race-based affirmative action in state college admissions (which most state voters opposed in polls) and state contracts.