Voters Welcome at Williamson County Libertarian Conventions on March 8 & 12

Vote Here SignWilliamson County Libertarians will be holding their precinct and county conventions on March 8th and 12th respectively to nominate candidates for the November general election. All voters who reside in Williamson County are eligible to vote in the conventions. “Over 18,000 Williamson County residents voted for at least one Libertarian candidate in 2010, but most voters still don’t realize that they can cast a ballot in the Libertarian conventions.  We welcome all Williamson County voters to participate and learn more about the Libertarian Party,” said Libertarian County Vice Chair Bo Zimmerman.  “We nominate our candidates by convention.  We find this process much more cost-effective and efficient compared to the taxpayer-funded Republican and Democratic primaries.  Libertarians qualify to use the primary system, but we prefer to take responsibility for own conventions.” On Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00PM, the Libertarian Party will hold its precinct conventions at Logan’s Roadhouse, 2702 Parker Road in Round Rock. During precinct conventions, precinct chairs and delegates to the county convention are elected. On Saturday, March 12 at 5:00PM, the Williamson County Libertarian Party will hold its county convention at the Round Rock Public Library, Room B. During the county convention, nominees will be chosen for partisan elected offices within Williamson County. Delegates will also be selected to represent Williamson County at the state convention. Williamson County Libertarians meet on the second Monday of every month at Logan’s Roadhouse, 2702 Parker Road in Round Rock at 7PM.

To RSVP and find more information about the March 8th Precinct Conventions, go here: precinct convention event

To RSVP and find more information about the March 12th County Convention, go here: county convention event