The Week in Review: December 5, 2015

The holiday weekend gave way to a tumultuous week full of significant and somber headlines. Here are three stories we’ve been following closely:

On Monday, the IMF announced that they will include the Chinese yuan in the SDR’s basket of currencies. When James Rickards appeared on Mises Weekends in September, he discussed the interest of financial elites in making the SDR the new reserve currency of the world. This week, he reminded us, “The decision to include the yuan in the SDR is a political decision, not an economic one.”

Meanwhile in Brazil, facing a collapsing economy and months of street protests, impeachment charges were announced against President Dilma Rousseff. While the serious challenges facing Brazil go far beyond a single politician, the work of Helio Beltrão and Mises Institute Brazil offers hope for a freer future.

Lastly, Wednesday’s tragic shooting in San Bernardino is already being exploited by the Obama administration and others on the left for a renewed push for gun control. Of course it is government, not gun ownership, that makes Americans less safe. As Jeff Deist noted following the attacks in Paris, “when state intelligence and security agencies fail spectacularly, their budgets and personnel increase. Nobody gets fired, nobody apologizes.”

Our Mises Weekends guest is Łukasz Dominiak, a professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University and a former Mises Fellow, he joins Jeff to discuss the recent elections in Poland. The media characterized those elections as a triumph for the right-wing, and dismissed large street protests as xenophobic nationalism. But the truth as Łukasz explains is quite different: it’s a strange mix of both left and right politics in a country that is not afraid to embrace its Catholic roots and its cultural identity.

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