Armed Citizens Pull Guns

On December 7, a man and woman pulled their self-defense handguns and stopped an attack in which a knife-welding man had allegedly knocked down a 90-year-old suspect and “was trying to stab” him.

The incident occurred in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

According to Fox 5, The woman–Karen Duncan–heard the 90-year-old gentleman screaming for help so she grabbed her gun out of her purse and came running. When neighbor Ron Childress saw Duncan running “in a panic” he grabbed his gun and ran to the house too.

Duncan was already inside, where she allegedly saw “blood and a big old knife” in the hand a man who was on top of the 90-year-old gentleman. She told him to stop and he ignored her so she changed her tactic and told him stop because she was “getting ready to shoot [him].” He cooperated at that point.

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