Maybe Isn’t So Fixed

There’s no question that reality will eventually assert itself,
but I’m hoping more opposition to ObamaCare will materialize before
reality has its way with the middle class.

It’s like the Great Leap Forward. Yeah, eventually reality had
its way and millions of people starved to death, and no matter how
the Chinese government spun things, all that starvation proved
impossible to ignore, but I’m still hoping we can avert a lot of
that suffering.

A big chunk of the middle class losing its access to quality,
affordable healthcare isn’t exactly like starving to death, but the
principle of reality asserting itself is the same. And I’m hoping
to avert a lot of that suffering before ObamaCare really starts

And, also, you’d be surprised how much reality people can
ignore. Just look at the Drug War! All that suffering and people
still think the problem is the implementation. Reality will assert
itself, but I’m not sure people will always recognize it for what
it is if we don’t spell it out for them.