Party Cat

Tarrytown specialty shop sells personalized gifts year-round

Party Cat owner Cindy Gehring understands the importance of giving a gift with a special personal touch this holiday season.

“I know I love to get something with my name on it, so that’s why I wanted to be able to do that,” said Gehring, who on Dec. 8 celebrates her 11-year anniversary as owner of the personalized gift shop.

Once specializing only in invitations and stationery, her business now provides numerous gifts ready to be “as personalized as customers want,” Gehring said. Also ideal during the holiday season, the Tarrytown-based shop can personalize many items in the same visit, she said.

Items available for personalization include cups, koozies, napkins, jewelry, office supplies, key chains, bags and other accessories. All embroidering, heat pressing, printing and vinyl letters are added on-site. Less than two months ago, Party Cat also started using an engraving machine that can personalize wood, silver, glass, jewelry and more.

“We try to look for a range of items that cover every person and age group,” Gehring said.

The company also coordinates with various corporations, foundations and special events to create personalized gifts on a large scale. Party Cat still specializes in personalized invitations and photocards catered to any holiday or special occasion.

Party Cat, 2727 Exposition Blvd., Ste. 119, 512-472-8250,