Won’t Some Folks Feel Stupid if it Turns Out Marijuana Fights HIV?

In addition to the many economical and societal costs of
prohibition, it has a long history of driving the spread of harder
or more dangerous drugs.

MARIJUANA to dangerous synthetic concoctions —such as AM-2201,
JWH-018, JWH-073, or HU-210, (called Spice or K2 etc.)
POPPIES to morphine, to heroin, to krokodil.
COCA to cocaine, to crack, to Paco/Kete/Bazuco/Pitillo.
EPHEDRA to ephedrine, to methamphetamine.
MUSHROOMS to ecstasy (MDMA), to PMMA, to MDPV, to

At every step the reasons for the rise in popularity of the new
form of the drug are one or more of the following:

* It may be easier to smuggle.
* It may be more addictive, thus compelling the buyer to return
more frequently.
* It may be cheaper to produce, therefore yielding more
* Like a game of “whack a mole” a shutdown of producers in one area
will mean business opportunities for another set of producers with
a similar product.

Prohibition’s distortion of the immutable laws of ‘supply and
demand’ subsidizes organized crime, foreign terrorists, corrupt
cops, and unconscionable politicians, while feeding the prejudices
of self-appointed culture warriors everywhere. So called
Tough-On-Drugs politicians have happily built careers on confusing
prohibition’s horrendous collateral damage with the substances that
they claim to be fighting while the big losers in this battle are
everybody else, especially we the taxpayers.

Prohibition prevents regulation: Legalize, regulate and tax!