Florida Supports Warrants for Phone Searches, DOJ Agrees Public Can Film Cops, Bitcoin Fight Leads to Lawsuit: P.M. Links

No, I’m just going to consider you a bigoted dick. If you see no
reason to apologize, that’s cool. Bigoted dicks tend not to. Just
say hi to all the fellas at the Klan meeting sometime, and have a
good laugh over the guy who likes to get pegged while you have a
boot party on the face of some poor gay dude or black dude or
whoever you decided broke social mores so much that they needed to
be put in their place. And, hey, who knows, maybe that will finally
make you feel better about yourself, or that daddy loves you, or
whatever. I neither know nor care what psychological drives bigoted
dicks such as yourself.

Honestly, I really do not give a shit about your opinion. Simply
by not being a bigoted dick, I am a better human being that you
will ever be, so… whatever? I mean, I may occasionally tell you
to “Fuck off, you bigoted dick” but I do that to people like
American all the time, and given that you’ve revealed you’re
basically the same type, I see no reason to break form, but it will
be basically perfunctory.

I mean, I got angry on the assumption that you weren’t a bigoted
dick, and may recognize when you were in the wrong, but I guess I
expected too much of a bigoted dick.