Civil Unrest and War

by Greg Hunter: Gold
Has One Way To Go – Up – Peter Schiff

Analyst Gregory
Mannarino is worried about the out of control debt in America. Mannarino
says, “The United States is already in technical default regarding
its debt because if it were not for the Fed buying all this debt,
we’d be in actual default, which is coming.” When the bond market
bubble blows up, Mannarino thinks, “People are going to be destroyed
here – destroyed from a financial standpoint.” It is an official “open
ended” policy for the Fed to buy $85 billion in debt each and every
month. Mannarino says, “This is a very dangerous game the Fed is
playing. It is very scary. They are creating a greater and greater
imbalance between the supply and demand for the U.S. dollar. . .
. Inflation is starting to kick in, and it’s just the beginning.”
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26, 2013

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