Obama Campaign Now Raffling Off Election Night Rally Spots for Donations

For comparison, here’s the Romney pitch:


With less than two weeks to go, we’re feeling the

The debates have supercharged our campaign and the
Republican team. We’re seeing more and more enthusiasm — and more
and more support.

This has become more than just a campaign. It’s become a
national movement. Americans recognize we can do better as a nation
than we’ve done over these last four years.

Paul and I and the Republican team have a plan to produce a
real recovery for America. We’re going to take back this country
with good jobs, rising take-home pay, a strong military, and better
opportunities for all Americans.

This is a time to call on America’s greatness. We need your
help — because it matters. It matters for your kids and their
kids. It matters for 23 million Americans struggling for work. And
it matters for the future of our nation to have a strong

Contribute today to help us keep up the momentum.

Thanks to you, the movement is gaining steam — and your
continued support will propel us to victory.


Mitt Romney