The Plutocrat-CIA Alliance

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A curious link
between George Soros and the CIA has emerged as a result of disclosures
of funding of a Malaysian media organization by the National Endowment
for Democracy. It turns out it was NED funding and Soros funding.

NED has long
been known as a CIA front. In the clip below, one time CIA case
officer Phil Agee describes the developments that led up to the
formation of NED and how NED operates.

This is all
noteworthy with regard to Soros, since the Malaysiakini, a Malaysian
media organization, has just admitted
receiving funds from NED.

The funding
has been apparently been going on for many years and a journalist
now discloses that he quit working for Malaysiakini because of its
then secret funding by NED and Soros.

Y.L. Chong
quit from Malaysiakini as its news editor more than a decade ago
when the news portal management refused to admit that they were
getting funds from NED and Soros.

“I told
Malaysiakini 11 years ago to come clean, and not hide such information
from our subscribers and readers.

“I decided
to throw in my resignation as I could not toe the line and keep
the Soros link under wraps,” he said in an interview
with Malaysia’s The Star.

Chong revealed
all this several years ago in his blog called

“I was
then news editor, and hence privy to information raised at Malaysiakini’s
meetings, and I had learned that indeed Malaysiakini had received
an initial 10% down payment of RM188,000 for a 10% interest in Malaysiakini,”
he added.

Chong said
he quit after confronting the two Malaysiakini’s top guns – Steven
Gan and Premesh Chandran – and the two refused to publicly admit
to receiving funds through Media Development Loan Fund run by the
Open Society Institute, a well-known international unit linked to

“In fact
Gan said it would be the death of Malaysiakini if they admitted
to receiving funding from Soros,” he said.

with permission from Economic
Policy Journal

25, 2012

Economic Policy Journal

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