Can You Prep Even for a Nuclear Disaster?

by Tess Pennington
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by Tess Pennington: Preppers
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Since the dawn
of nuclear weapons, we have always been weary of a trigger happy
world leader hastily pushing a nuke detonator. However, according
to history the two worst nuclear events that have occurred were
accidental. Chernobyl, being the first event, had a fire and explosion
that released large quantities of radioactive contamination into
the atmosphere, and spread over much of Western USSR and Europe.
The second largest nuclear event is the infamous Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear disaster that occurred in 2011.

Each day we
are exposed to nuclear radiation, some naturally and some through
un-natural means. Those of us who live close to nuclear power plants
are exposed more than others.

Are You

Those that
live near nuclear power plants should be especially concerned with
nuclear disaster preparedness; especially individuals who live in
areas where natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes)
could damage the nuclear facilities. The map below shows all of
the nuclear power plants in the U.S. Many states are areas where
natural disasters could quite possibly take out or damage a power
plant. Are you ready for this?

We Are Affected
Globally by Radiation

No matter where
radiation leaks or disasters occur, they will affect us globally
one way or another and we should be ready for them. Due to the Fukushima
nuclear disaster, our food
, water sources, and even our health have become affected
from the radiation dispersed. Radiation tests conducted since the
nuclear disaster in Japan have detected radioactive iodine and cesium
in milk, beef and vegetables produced in California (Source).
This video is a great
source that explains how radiation gets into our food supply.

According to
Ranger” Mike Adams
, even growing your own organic produce
is no longer enough to guarantee food safety. “Only those who
grow food in greenhouses will be largely protected from the fallout.”

How to Limit
Our Exposure to Radiation

  1. One of
    the easiest ways to minimize the effects of radiation is knowing
    where our food comes from and limiting our exposure to radioactive
    foods and water sources. Keep in mind that foods, especially seafood
    from the West coast will be the most effected by radiation.
  2. Having an
    electroscope that gauges how much radiation you are receiving
    daily can be a useful tool. A Kearny
    Fallout Meter
    can give daily readings of radiation levels
    in your area.
  3. Thoroughly
    your produce
    . Despite arguments to the contrary, you can wash
    radioactive particles off of produce. Clearly if the plant has
    taken in the radiation through the roots, it is irrevocably tainted.
    Fallout, however, can be dealt with. Washing your food in baking
    soda or peeling the skin off is a way to avoid ingesting radiation.
    Calcium bentonite clay is another natural substance that actually
    absorbs radiation. Interestingly, calcium bentonite clay has a
    uniquely strong negative ionic charge. When activated with water
    it works like a strong magnet, absorbing anything with a positive
    ionic charge (i.e., toxins, pesticides, radiation). The clay captures
    these substances and removes them as it is eliminated or washed
    off.” To wash produce with Bentonite Clay: Mix 1 part
    Calcium Bentonite Clay to 8 parts of purified water in a large
    non-metallic bowl. Toss your produce in this clay water, making
    certain the produce is completely covered, and let it sit for
    10 minutes. Rinse well with more purified water.
  4. Also, by
    adopting an anti-radiation diet can provide natural alternatives
    to assist the body in ridding itself from exposure. Foods such
    as kelp, rosemary, spirulina, miso soup and niacin all assist
    the body in fighting radiation damage. Other foods that may help
    in combating radiation sickness are foods that naturally detoxify
    the body. Foods that are high in potassium such as apples, oranges,
    pineapples and pomegranates are foods that are also good cancer
    fighters. Mushrooms are also a food source to add to your anti-radiation
    diet. Any mushrooms brown or black in color, and especially reishi
    . Foods that are high in antioxidants will also assist
    your body in ridding itself of radioactive particles. Foods such
    as green and black teas (make sure that your tea is not from Japan),
    garlic, cumin, nettles, dandelions, ginseng, lentils, collards
    and mustard greens are also suggested.
  5. Any food
    or water stored in sealed containers that have any fallout dust
    is safe to consume as long as the fallout dust is brushed or rinsed
    off the outside of the container. Take caution not to allow the
    fallout dust to get inside the container.
  6. If you are
    concerned about your water sources, use filtered water in everything,
    including brushing your teeth and sponge bathing. Purchase a reverse
    osmosis water filter with extra filtration cartridges. Remember,
    it is important to replace your filters after multiple uses. Drinking
    apple cider vinegar can also assist in flushing toxins and radiation
    from the body. Baking soda and water is another option as it also
    flushes radiation and cleans the stomach lining. You can also
    put baking soda in dish soap, body soap, laundry detergent as
    the radiation will bind to the baking soda thus neutralizes it.
  7. Did you
    know that the Spiderwort plant is Nature’s gieger counter?
    This plant naturally has very dark purple flowers and when they
    are exposed to radiation or near an area where radiation is high,
    the flowers turn pink. Planting these in your yard will be a great
    way to know if you are taking in excess radiation.
  8. Knowing
    in advance how much radiation you are exposed to radiation through
    natural and un-natural means can help you calculate your annual
    radiation dose. To find this out, click on the Annual
    Radiation Calculator

What if
You Are Exposed to Radioactive Particles?

ionic particles attach themselves to dust floating in the air. Therefore,
it can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. If you
are told to evacuate or bug in due to a nuclear disaster, keep the
following points in mind:

  1. If you
    are driving, keep the car windows and vents closed, and use recirculating
  2. Due to the
    fear of panic and gridlock that will ensue from mass evacuations,
    most governments will delay mandatory evacuations until the last
    minute. This will only cause mass confusion and chaos at gas stations,
    grocery stores and on the streets. The best way to prevent this,
    is to stay ahead of the crowd and prepare ahead of time.
  3. If told
    to stay indoors, turn off the air conditioner and other air intakes
    and go to a basement. Seal basement windows and entrances to prevent
    fallout from getting inside. If you go outside, you will need
    to remove your outer clothing before coming inside the shelter.
  4. Likewise,
    creating a sealed area near the entrance of the shelter will prevent
    fallout dust from entering. Seal the entryway with blankets, bubble
    wrap or plastic sheeting to prevent the dust from coming in. Have
    water and baby shampoo near the entrance to wash and thoroughly
    rinse any exposed skin and hair. Exposure to fallout radiation
    does not make you radioactive, but you need to assure that you
    don’t bring any inside. Some experts suggest having a rain
    poncho to take on and off when you go outside.
  5. To go a
    step further, covering the windows wood, then sandbags followed
    by masonry bricks will create a multi-layered protection against
    you and radioactive particles.
  6. If you find
    yourself outdoors when a nuclear blast occurs, duck and cover
    for 2 minutes. You will first see a blinding light followed by
    tornado force winds and dangerous. When all danger is gone, seek
    shelter immediately. Remove your clothing at the door and place
    in a sealed plastic bag. You can remove 80% of the particles by
    removing your clothing. Showering immediately following exposure
    is another way to remove the remaining particles.
  7. If you have
    signs of radiation on skin soak in a tub of equal parts baking
    soda, apple cider vinegar and epsom salt. Skin brushing can be
    very beneficial, because the skin is a primary avenue for detoxification
    – scrub along with the lungs, kidneys, liver, and colon.
    An unused vegetable brush would be very helpful with this process.

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