Don’t Miss Your Chance to WIN FREE SILVER!

There’s less than a week left for you to be entered into my drawing for free silver! All you’ve got to do is email your friends about the new website where I am working hard as the Editor in Chief (not to mention all the hard work of the several great contributors we have there!) to provide a viable alternative to the establishment media.

We’re thinking big and hoping to be the next Huffington Post or Daily Caller, but with an editorial vision that includes the positively revolutionary changes that are happening in the Republican Party, in the broader United States political process, and in the entire world.

To get entered into the contest drawing for a chance to win one of three silver pieces, all you have to do is email some of your friends and tell them about our website, The RevoluTimes.

CC me at my personal email address so I can see how many friends you’ve emailed and enter you in the drawing that many times (up to 10)! We will not be using those email addresses or even saving them after the contest. No one will see them but me and I will delete them from my email account and my computer as soon as the contest is over. Don’t worry– we won’t be spamming your friends! Though we might be spamming your physical mailbox… with silver!

Read all the contest details here, and please, take just a moment and participate. Your support is absolutely essential to the success of The RevoluTimes!

A special thanks to our sponsor, whose blog I also write for!

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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