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by Mark Sisson:
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Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal
Blueprint Real Life Story
from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader.
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This Primal
Blueprint Real Life Story was submitted a few months ago during
the annual 30-Day Challenge.

I have been
following a Primal Blueprint diet for the last 9 months and the
results for me have been amazing! I want to share my success story
with you.

One year ago
I was 34 years old, 5’7”, 177 lbs and wearing a size 16
jeans. I was really not happy with myself. Other than the extra
weight, I was a pretty healthy person. I had been very active with
the Weston A. Price organization and lifestyle for the previous
6 years so I had already eliminated most processed foods from my
diet long ago. I bought a grass-fed cow every year to stock my freezer,
I belonged to a raw-milk herdshare, I diligently soaked and fermented
all the grains I ate and bought all my vegetables through local
farmers I was friends with. I even had my own backyard chickens.
Even so, my weight had been slowly climbing over the last year and
when I reached that high of 177 and really evaluated how I felt
I knew something had to change.

At that time
I had a very progressive friend who had lost a lot of weight recently
and overcome health problems by adjusting her diet to gluten free/specific
carbohydrate (SCD) and taking up running. I was happy with what
I was eating, I didn’t want to change but I was intrigued by
the running and the 5k/10ks she was doing so I decided to give running
a try. I was never really into exercise before, I typically felt
tired and unmotivated a lot but this time I wanted to do something
to change. I started in September 2010 with Couch to 5K program
and I fell in love with running. I felt good doing it and I continually
amazed myself with my increasing distances. I completed my first
5K in late October 2010 and immediately had fantasies of myself
crossing the line on 10ks and half marathons. By the end of December
I was running about 4 days a week and completed my first 10K distance.
I was excited with my progress, but even with over three months
of running under my belt I had barely lost any weight (only 5 lbs)
and I was still wearing a size 16 (maybe I could squeeze into a
14) jean.

Then I got
injured. Just after Christmas, after three days of continuous running
on some hilly routes, I suddenly developed an inflamed tendon in
one ankle and I could barely walk for a week. The doctors said it
was an “overuse” injury (I didn’t actually roll it
or anything) and I needed to stay off of it for eight weeks. This
was a crushing blow to my new runner lifestyle. My plans of signing
up for that first half marathon in April of 2011 just went out the
window. I was pretty bummed. So as I was sitting around in January
with more time to think, I heard that same progressive friend of
mine talk about this Primal
book she had read and how great it was. Once again
I was intrigued by her description and I went and got a copy for

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December 31, 2011

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