The Most Annoying Word in the English Language

Meghan Keneally
Daily Mail

To brush off
the results of a recent poll that asserts the word ‘whatever’ was
voted the most annoying word for the third year running would seemingly
be the best tribute to the news.

A university
in up state New York announced Friday that the dismissive ‘whatever’
continues to reign supreme in the common lexicon.

For the third
year in a row, the Marist University poll asked 1,026 adults what
the most grating word was from a five options.

Whatever took
the cake with 38 per cent of the lot, though this is a drop of one
point from last year, and even lower than it’s high of 49 per cent
in 2009.

While it clearly
has staying power, some balked at the thought that ‘whatever’, a
word made popular in the 1990s cult film Clueless, was truly the
worst thing to come out of society’s mouths over the past decade
or so.

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21, 2011

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